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Three p's of estate planning

I Need to Protect My Family

Two-thirds of Americans don’t have a will, let alone a comprehensive estate plan. Many more have some documents, but haven’t looked at them in years. Whether you need to get started on your estate plan, or you need to update your old plan, this is a great starting place for you.

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Children's Security Plan

I need to Protect My Children

Do You know what would happen to your children if you and you spouse didn’t make it home one night? Do you have legal paperwork set up so that your children wouldn’t be taken into protective custody? Does your babysitter have proper instructions on what to do if they can’t reach you? This is where you should start.

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asset protection

I need to protect my assets.

Asset Protection goes hand in hand with estate planning. If you are concerned that your assets will not be used in the manner you intend, or that they will end up with a creditor or divorcing spouse, then you should start here to learn more about asset protection planning.

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Our Estate Planning Process


The First Call

When you initially call our office, you will be greeted by our warm and friendly receptionist. Let them know that you are interested in scheduling a Wealth Planning Session and they will transfer you to Mr. Hart to have a short introductory call. If you would like to schedule a time for Mr. Hart to call you at your convenience, please click the link below.

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wealth planning session

The Wealth Planning Session

The Wealth Planning Session is where we get to know you and start to learn about your hopes and dreams. We will talk to you about what would happen to your assets and your family if something tragic were to happen to you without further planning. At the end of this session, we will determine your next steps.

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cary estate planning law firm

Designing Your Plan

At the conclusion of the Wealth Planning Session, we will work with you to pick a planning option according to what you are looking to accomplish and your budget. Then we will start the process of designing a plan that will best meet both your needs and the needs of your family. We will help you determine how to pass on your assets and pick guardians for your children.

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The Signing Meeting

About 3-4 weeks after your design meeting, we will schedule a signing meeting. During this meeting, we will go over your estate plan with you, answer any questions you may have and make sure that all your documents are properly notarized and witnessed. We will also give you funding instructions, your kids emergency action plan (if you have children) and provide you with questions so that you can properly prepare for your Legacy Conversation™.

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estate planning process

Delivering Your Plan

About 3-4 weeks after your signing meeting, we will invite you back to our office to deliver your final estate planning documents to you. During this meeting we will also conduct your initial Legacy Conversation™ and go over the funding process with you to make sure you are on track. In addition, we will go over our membership plan options with you.

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estate planning reviews

Ongoing Reviews and Check-Ups for Life

Finishing your plan is just the beginning of your relationship with our office. If you choose to join one of our membership and education programs, you will meet with us at least once per year to review and update your estate plan. We will also stay in touch through weekly educational emails and monthly newsletters, as well as periodic workshops and client appreciation events.

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The Latest Estate Planning News and Tips

Practical Advice You Can Put to Use Immediately

estate plan for child

How to Prepare an Estate Plan for a Child Who Has “Issues”

As parents, we all hope and pray that our children will grow up to be good people and productive members of society. And for the vast majority of us, that is exactly what happens. But what happens if you have a child that is influenced by peer pressure to try drugs or falls into the wrong group of friends? Or maybe your child makes it through high school and college without any issues, but then marries someone who doesn’t share your values or steers him or her down the wrong path? How do you create an estate plan for a […]

National Healthcare Decisions Day

Today is National Healthcare Decisions Day… Are You Covered?

This week marks National Healthcare Decisions Day, a national movement geared towards bringing more attention to advanced planning and getting people to take action. “It always seems too early… until it’s too late.” The simple fact is that the majority of Americans have not done any advanced planning. They feel like they have time on their side when the simple fact is that when you truly need these documents, it is too late to prepare them. Here is a short video from Nathan Kottkamp, a lawyer and the chairman of National Healthcare Decisions Day, that helps to explain why taking […]

Update Your Estate Plan

How Often Should You Review or Update Your Estate Plan? (Video Blog)

I recently reviewed an estate plan for an older woman who first had her will drawn up in 1985, and then had an update done in 2002. So for this nice lady, every 15 years seemed to be the right length of time between having her will drawn up. I don’t recommend that. For most people, going 15 years without reviewing your estate plan is way too long. An estate plan is not something that you put together, throw in a drawer, and check off your list as something that is finished forever. An estate plan is not something that you […]

avoiding probate nc

Avoiding Probate in NC… 4 Ways to Keep Your Assets Out of the Courts (Without Using a Trust)

One of the big, sexy topics these days is avoiding probate. Many people want to avoid probate for many reasons. They have heard that probate is an expensive, lengthy, public process that unnecessarily drags out the suffering of their heirs. And for many individuals, regardless of the size of their estate, this is true. When my Mother passed away last year, she had a modest estate. But even so, we had to probate her will and for many reasons, it took longer than my siblings and I would have liked. Some people believe that using a trust is the only […]

estate plan

Don’t Want to Marry? You Still Need an Estate Plan

There was a time, not too long ago, where a huge segment of our population could not get married. An estate plan was used as a substitute for marriage vows. Yes, I’m talking about anyone who associates themselves as a member of the LGBT community. For those people who were seeking the right to marry a member of the same-sex, estate planning was the best option to ensure that they enjoyed the same rights as a married couple, without actually being allowed to marry. Fortunately, those dark days are behind us. But we still get calls from people who have […]

estate planning in North Carolina

The What, Why and How of Estate Planning in North Carolina

Today I wanted to get back to the basics and do a quick post on estate planning 101. Estate planning in North Carolina is different than in other states. Sometimes, with all the news and information that is floating around out there, people forget the basics about what estate planning is, why they need an estate plan, and how to go about getting one. Estate Planning in North Carolina… What is it? An estate plan is, at its core, a set of legal documents that can be used to protect you and your family in the event of your incapacity […]

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Words of Praise for The Hart Law Firm…

Highly Recommend. I found Mr. Hart to be extremely helpful. He spent a lot of time with me, and laid out a plan that I both understood, and gave me options.


Our Philosophy and Core Beliefs

Estate Planning is more than just a legal practice… to us it is a calling.

Why I Became an Estate Planning Attorney.

My name is Jim Hart and I’m the founding attorney here at The Hart Law Firm. I started this practice back in 2005 with the core belief that building a business is nothing more than building relationships, establishing trust, and providing true value to my clients.

As the years have gone come and gone, my practice has changed, but the reasons I started that little law practice in Central Florida 12 years ago have not. Building lasting relationships with my clients is still my primary goal, but that was just not possible with a practice that was centered exclusively on breaking families up. By adding estate planning to the practice, I am able to build a long lasting, lifetime relationship with my clients.

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Words of Praise for The Hart Law Firm

  • Straight forward advice, genuine concern for my situation and didn’t make me feel that I’m just another paycheck. By offering me options to suit my needs and presenting methods to accomplish in my own if possible but also offering me a comfortable option if hired as my lawyer, I left our consultation feeling confident in the road ahead of me.
    – Michelle

  • Great first impression. He listened to my situation and commented on what I was doing well and also on some areas that I could improve on. By the end of our session, I felt very comfortable and am still happy with my decision to see Mr. Hart. Hopefully, I won’t need him (or any other lawyers in the future), but if my circumstances change and I am in need of an attorney, he will be the first one I contact.
    – Forrest

  • He treated me like a person who actually cared and not just a paying client. He was very warm and welcoming. He seemed to truly care about what I was going thru. Instead of making me feel like a paying customer.. He took a very long time to get to know me and my situation. He truly has a heart for what he does. It shows in his work and the way he treats people. I would def recommend him as an attorney.
    – Alexia

  • I was nervous going in but once you starti talking with James, he made me feel like an old friend just having a conversation. He is knowledgeable and answer all my questions with honesty. Within the first 5 minutes I knew he was a lawyer to trust not someone who will take your money with no results.
    – Carlysta

  • I was recommended to Attorney Hart by one of his peers and had a meeting with him immediately feeling a connection of care and concern. He made no promises but did more for me in three weeks than my other attorney had done in a year. I am so fortunate that I found someone who cares about his clients and takes it personal. He literally worked on my case day and night catching up with the details. I appreciated his dedication and determination for me.
    – Anonymous Client

  • A Good guy and a good attorney. Jim was very up front and informative. He will explain all options that are available to you.
    – Jim

  • Mr. Hart was wonderful. He walked me through everything and even told me how I could do what I needed to do cheaper using other resources. I love that he has a small practice and bases who he chooses to represent based on the clients morals and ethics. I knew I had found the right firm when I read his website. He made sure that he answered all my questions and listened intently to my story. When I emailed and cancelled my initial consultation… he wished me luck and said that he hoped I never had to contact him again. He seems like a genuinely good man, something that was a comfort to find during this difficult situation. I would highly recommend him to anyone who unfortunately finds themselves in my situation.
    – Laurel


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