Since 2005, when I first began offering my divorce assessment, I’ve received lots of positive feedback from those that have taken advantage of this valuable resource – and it always makes me feel good, and reinforces why I offer this service.

I’ve had other attorneys and friends tell me that I should limit the time I spend with clients, or charge an hourly fee, but that would be at odds with my core values and why I offer the assessment in the first place.

Anyway, here is an email I received this week from another satisfied client (I’ve redacted personal information):


Thank you for all the info and advice this morning.  It was a much needed discussion with essential NC information. It would have been a mistake had I cancelled our meeting/conversation.   I’m afraid I wasted my money retaining [another attorney] and filing here in [another state].

I will definitely retain you if I need a NC attorney. And I will definitely refer you for any NC or FL residents.  Jim Johnson (referring attorney) is also a good attorney, he did me right.

You are easy to talk to and you seem to care. Don’t take this personally, but I hope I never have to meet you in person, ha-ha.

I may have a question or two in the future. Thanks, Jim.

Take care,

Messages like that make it all worthwhile.