Earlier this week, I had a document that I needed to get notarized on the fly.  Since I wasn’t at the office, I chose the next best choice, my bank.  My wife and have most of our accounts at Bank “A”, but we also have a joint account at Bank “B”.  The reason for the joint account is that we got a refund on our mortgage when we bought our house if we opened up an account at Bank “B” and let them automatically withdraw our mortgage each month.

For almost a year now, I go into Bank “B” once a month, and dutifully deposit our mortgage payment.  The tellers are always nice, although I don’t think they know who I am (or care).

Since Bank “B” was the closest bank that had a notary, I stopped in at 9:48 am (the bank is in a grocery store), and two tellers were chatting behind the counter.  The bank didn’t technically open until 10 – but I didn’t know that.  I asked them if they had a notary on hand that could notarize my document.  They asked if I wouldn’t mind waiting 12 minutes, as they didn’t open until 10.

I did mind, and so I marched down the street to Bank “A” where all our other accounts are, and promptly had the document notarized – all the while asking myself why I just don’t consolidate my accounts at Bank “A”?  (I think I will next month).

Everyday we are presented with choices that allow us to dictate what type of business we are going to run.  At my law firm, my clients always come first.