Climbing a Mountain... Best done with Friends.

Recently someone asked me why I do what I do, which really got me thinking about my practice as a divorce and family law attorney. Over the years, I have attracted a certain type of client, over and over. And I believe that the reason why I attract this type of client is my personality and the “why” behind the type of practice I run.

I believe in building relationships with my clients. I attract clients that I like to work with and that want to work with me. I’ve found that solid relationships are built on trust, honesty, and staying true to your word. I treat my clients with a level of respect that breeds (I hope) reciprocation and helps to form a relationship that will last long past our engagement as attorney and client.

I believe strongly in the power of people to do the the right thing, no matter the turmoil that is going on in their lives. And for my clients, the turmoil is substantial. For so many attorneys, especially family law attorneys, the urge to absorb all of their client’s emotions and feelings and allow this turmoil to be all-consuming is very powerful. For those that seek turmoil, family law is almost like a drug that can provide a never-ending source of adrenaline and fight.

I believe in rising above this turmoil and looking for ways to end the fight. I believe that the bickering and fighting that caused the end of a marriage does not need to permeate into the lives of the children and the family year after year. I believe there is a better way to end the fighting and move on with your life.

I strive to look at each case objectively and give the client both practical and legal advice. My clients aren’t looking to “screw their spouse’s over”, and if they are, they aren’t my client for long. Even in cases where we can tell that the other side is trying to “screw” us over, I counsel my clients to take the high road and not get sucked into the trap. When this happens, the only winners are the lawyers, and I don’t want to be the only winner in any of my cases.

I’ve found that I work best with clients that are on the same page as me. If you are looking to pick a fight with your spouse, I’m probably not the lawyer for you. If you are looking for a way to resolve your divorce peacefully, with less stress, than pick up the phone. I might be your guy. And if you are reading this as a former client – give me a call. I’d love to share a meal or a cup of coffee and hear how you are doing.