The more people/clients I talk to, the more frustrated I become at the heart-wrenching stories of individuals who have been exposed to the “traditional” methods of divorce.  By traditional, I mean divorcing couples who seek out attorneys that will “fight for their rights” to make sure they get the best deal in the divorce, even if it means their spouse will suffer as a consequence.

I believe there is a better way – and it is called Collaborative Divorce.  When couples pursue a “traditional” divorce, they make it almost impossible, especially when their are children involved, “to have a civil relationship going forward,” says family law attorney John Zarzynski in this article from USA Today.   “You don’t forget what it’s like to be cross-examined by your spouse’s lawyer,” and “[i]t sets them up for years and years of not being able to communicate well.”

I couldn’t agree more, which is why I am moving my practice more and more toward the collaborative approach and away from the court system.  The collaborative process is set up to help couples focus on their interests, and what they need out of the divorce.  By disclosing all the assets and financial statements up front, the couple can work to reach a win-win solution and maintain a sense of civility throughout the process, as well as, after the divorce is final.

I’d like to thank the Family Law Prof Blog for drawing my attention to this story.