One of the things that we as lawyers often forget is that we can be intimidating.  One of the first things I tell clients who come to visit with me for the first time is that they have nothing to be afraid of.  I pride myself in not trying to pull one over on a prospective client – or an actual client.

However, as I was perusing another attorney’s website this morning, I came across a page that I found interesting.  Robert Kraft, a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer, has put together a special page to alleviate the fears that people have of calling a lawyer.

The reasons Mr. Kraft lists on this page as to why people shouldn’t be afraid to call his firm pretty much mirror the reasons that I tell clients they should be scared to pick up the phone and call my office.

If you choose to call my firm, here are some things you should expect:

  1. Provided that I am currently available to talk – I promise I will talk with you.  If you leave a message with my receptionist, I will call you back as soon as I possibly can, usually the same business day.
  2. I don’t charge prospective clients for calling our firm.  Also, I have recently moved most of my cases to flat fee arrangements, meaning that ordinary clients won’t be charged for phone calls either.
  3. When you call my firm for the first time, I promise to empathize with your problem and listen to why you are calling.  If you decided to schedule an appointment, I will ask you some simple questions about your case and your contact information – but nothing more.
  4. I never, ever attempt to pressure anyone into making an appointment.  I provide a ton of information on my website, so if I sense any hesitation on your part, than I will direct you to my website to do some more research and call back when you are ready.  If you choose not to call back, then that is fine too.

Just like Mr. Kraft says, if I think that I need to meet with you to discuss your problem in more detail, than I will ask you to schedule a meeting in my office.  If I don’t think I can help you, than I will refer you to the appropriate lawyer or agency for more assistance.

Any questions?  Feel free to call us at (919) 883-4861.  We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients – all of them.