When I opened my first law office in Florida in 2005, the idea of going paperless wasn’t really an option.  Today, however, not only is it an option, but it is a lot easier to do than it was 5 years ago.  The benefits to you as a client are immense… for starters:

  • Once your case is completed I can copy your entire casefile to a CD for you to take with you
  • If you lose the CD, and call me in 10 years looking for that final judgment that you misplaced, I will be able to pull it up in a matter of seconds, rather than spend the time necessary to go digging for the file at an offsite location.
  • I can work from anywhere, which means that even though I might not be in the office, I will still have access to all of your files – even in court.
  • It brings my costs down and makes my firm more efficient, which translates into smaller legal bills for you
  • My staff and I will be more productive, and able to handle more work in the same amount of time
  • From a security standpoint, it is safer for you as I have multiple electronic backups in place to protect your files in the event that there is a system crash, or a fire in my office
  • Technology makes it easier and quicker to search documents when you need something on the fly in court

The benefits are really endless.  Most attorneys can’t get over the fact that they must actually destroy the original copies to maintain a paperless office, and therefore, never go that route.  I think that is a big mistake.  Going paperless will definitely help my clients and set me apart from my competitors.