In the past several weeks, I’ve received numerous emails from readers who are looking for information on whether we can help them with an uncontested divorce, so I’ve decided to post some information on the process under the “NC Divorce Laws” section of the website.  Here is a direct link.

The bottom line is that an uncontested divorce is going to be less expensive and less traumatic to all the parties involved than a contested divorce.  Personally, I would rather handle uncontested divorces all day long (although this is not reality by any stretch).  When I help a client to complete an uncontested divorce, the process ends much faster, and the client leaves my office happier than they would have at the end of a contested divorce.  A happy client leads to future referrals – which I like and encourage!

I charge value-based flat fees for uncontested divorces, versus a retainer for a contested matter.  Client’s like this too, because they can budget for their divorce and get personal attention at the same time.

If you have any questions about whether your situation is right for an uncontested divorce, please contact my office at (919) 883-4861 or use the contact form to email me directly.