One of the questions I ask anyone who comes in to see me for a divorce assessment is this – what steps have you taken to try and save your marriage?  Going through a divorce is a tremendously difficult thing to do, both emotionally and financially.  I’ve seen first hand what a divorce can do to families as a child of divorce myself and in the hundreds of divorce cases that I have handled throughout the years.  I caution all of my clients and potential clients to do whatever you can, before you hire me, to try and save your marriage.

Here are a couple of tips that I picked up in this article – “How to Save Your Marriage”.

  1. Schedule time together – Turn off all the cell phones and forget about work.  Send the kids to a friends house and spend some quality alone time together.
  2. Write Love letters – Surprise your spouse with little notes in places they would least expect it (dashboard of the car, toilet seat, coffee maker, pillow).  Make these loving notes, letting your spouse know how much you appreciate and care for them.
  3. Plan a date night – Pretend that you just met and do the whole dog and pony show to impress them.  Go someplace nice where you have to look like you belong.  Go to the opera, dancing or to your favorite italian restaurant.
  4. Do something for you – Sometimes you just need some alone time to collect your thoughts.  Get on a good exercise program or plan a day at the spa.  Sometimes giving yourself that extra time can really help to re-energize your marriage.
  5. Make your spouse your #1 priority – No matter what, remember that your spouse is the number 1 person in your life.  Take a moment each day to let them know how much you care and love them.  Someday, when you are retired and the kids have moved out, it will be just the two of you again.  Make sure you know who that person is by spending some time together every single day.