So you’ve decided to separate from your spouse, but you’re not sure how you can afford to pay for two households on the money that you and your spouse currently make.  Here are some ideas for how to be more frugal, but still live comfortably…  (Thanks to the Maine Divorce Law Blog for giving me the heads up to this article).

  1. Establish a “permanent” standard of living – what amount of money do you need to live comfortably?  When you make more than that, take the extra to pay off your house earlier, or save for an early retirement.
  2. When it comes to buying decisions, ask yourself, “do I really need this?”
  3. Eat more meals at home – It costs less and you will eat healthier.
  4. Wait a week before you make a major purchase – most of the time you won’t go back to buy.

There’s lots of other tips in this article.  For people that are trying to figure out how to make it when you separate, this is a good starting point.