Earlier this week, I blogged about some other attorneys that I like and would recommend to clients and others who may be following this website.  Today I’d like to toot the horn of another divorce attorney in Raleigh.  Lawyers don’t generally give free publicity to their competition, but I don’t really consider this attorney – or any other attorney for that matter – to be my competition.  I serve a unique type of client – generally someone who is looking for an amicable resolution to their divorce.  Most people that come to see me will hire me, if not the same day, than sometime in the future.  I believe that the main reason for this is the way I approach the practice of family law.

I’m straightforward with clients and I give away a lot of information.  There is a charge to come in and see me, but the amount of information and advice I give back for that fee makes the divorce assessment well worth the price that clients pay.  Also, since I first started the divorce assessment in 2007, I have yet to have a client take me up on my money-back guarantee, which tells me that people are definitely getting their money’s worth.

Anyway, on Friday I had lunch with Rik Lovett.  Rik practices in Raleigh, and if you have tried to get in to see him, you know that he is usually booked out 2-3 weeks, if not longer.  I think it is because Rik is a likeable guy and a very competent attorney.  He is a good model for any young attorney, including myself.  As we talked, I realized that Rik and I share a lot of the same philosophies in how to run a family law practice.  We both believe in being reasonable, and we both believe that litigation is not always the answer to resolve a dispute.

So if you are in Cary and you are looking for an attorney to help you navigate your divorce, please consider calling my office.  If you are in North Raleigh and want to stay close to home, Rik is a great attorney too.