I’ve spent a great deal of my time advising clients about what they should do when they finally decide that a divorce and/or separation is their only option to get out of a bad situation.  In my Divorce Guide I even outline a 12 step process that all people who are thinking about divorce should follow.

Janet Langjahr, who writes the always informative Florida Divorce Law Blog, has come across a great story from Australia that details some things that clients should do when they know their marriage is over.  Among the list of things you should do are:

  • Secure your bank accounts and financial documents so that your spouse can’t take all the money without your knowledge or say so
  • Work quickly in the first few days – this is often the most important time to make sure you have access to all the information you need and can protect your property/assets
  • Make copies of everything you can and lock up your important documents in a safe place
  • Make sure the bank copies you on all financial account statements that you have an interest in
  • Go see a lawyer (Duh…)
  • When there are kids involved, keep open the lines of communication

Here is the original post from Janet.