Apparently, there is a movement going on to push forward legislation that would allow men who tell their girlfriends, ahead of time, that they don’t want to be a Daddy to “financially abort” themselves from any responsibility for the child if the girlfriend gets pregnant.  At first I didn’t really believe the title of the article, but then I read more about it here.

The proponent of this idea is Professor Frances Goldscheider, who teaches sociology at Brown University.  She says, “While I thought I was a feminist all my life, when I started studying the family and fatherhood in general, I realized that I was really an egalitarian. I want a level playing field in the family for men and women.”  Under Prof. Goldscheider’s idea, a financial abortion would allow men to disclaim all monetary responsibility for their unborn children, provided they have specifically told their partners before intercourse that they don’t want to be a father.

It is actually shocking to me that someone would think this is a good idea – and practically speaking, can you imagine the drunken conversations that would take place if an idea like this were to become law?

“I think it would primarily benefit men who do not want to be fathers,” Goldscheider says, “and that’s mostly those who are not ready, whether financially or whatever.”

Ok Professor, or you could just tell those who don’t want to be fathers to keep it in their pants.