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you are not invincibleThe past several weeks, the news has been dominated by two things… potential nuclear war with North Korea, and the tax bill making its way through Congress.

If I had to bet, I suspect you’ve spent at least a little bit of time reading the news stories about these issues lately.

And that is completely natural.

As human’s, we want to know what is going on in the world around us.

But that’s not all… We want to know how these events might affect us.

We want to know what we should be doing right now to protect ourselves, protect our families, or minimize the potential impact of these possible world events.

In a word… we want to plan.

We are always planning.

We plan out our meals for the week.

We plan our work schedules.

We plan out how we are going to get the kids to bed on time.

And we certainly will plan how to protect ourselves in the event of a nuclear war or if a new tax bill is passed into law.

Why do we plan?

Because we believe that these events will happen in the near future.

We believe that if we don’t plan then our families, our children, or ourselves could be hurt in some way.

Which begs the question, why haven’t you prepared an estate plan? Or if you have, when was the last time you took another look at it to make sure it was up to date?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because you believe you are invincible.

You believe you will live forever.

You are invincible, or so you would believe.

And because of this belief, you don’t need to plan because you have nothing to plan for.

These other things – what food you will eat this week, what you will do at work, and how the tax bill might effect you in 2018… those things are real.

They are happening now. You MUST plan or risk an immediate and real pain.

But I have news for you…

You aren’t going to live forever. You are NOT invincible.

Someday in the future, you will come face to face with your own mortality.

We don’t know where. We don’t know when. But we do know that this is inevitable.

So let me ask you again, why haven’t you prepared an estate plan yet?