The Hart Law is all about technology – now in the form of client portals.  If you are a client of our family law firm, you are in for some pretty groovy changes in the coming months.  The first of these changes is our new client portal, which can be found on the right hand side of the menu bar on our homepage.  We are using a service called  I had looked at several services that offered client portals, which will remain unnamed here, and ultimately concluded that Box provides the best opportunity for our firm to collaborate and share documents with clients in a secure, encrypted, online portal.  I have to admit, I was just about to go with a competitor until I spoke with a classmate of mine from law school, Chad Burton.  Chad runs a virtual law practice and uses Box for his firm.  He couldn’t say enough good things about it and convinced me to give it a look.

We haven’t looked back.

Here are some of the things that our client portal will allow us to do with clients:

  • Share an entire folder of documents, pleadings, correspondence, emails, and more with clients.  This is what we call a client portal, and is the major impetus for us making this change.
  • Allow clients the option of uploading their financial documents to the client portal to share with us.
  • Allow us to email sensitive information without using email attachments, which pose a security risk for clients.
  • Allow clients and attorneys a forum to provide comments to specific files or exchange feedback with team members using discussion threads, so everyone’s in the loop.
  • Allow users to view previous versions of files even after changes are made and new versions are uploaded.
  • In one word – Security.  Our client portal provides high-grade SSL encryption on data transfer and 256-bit AES encryption at rest.

If you can’t tell – I’m stoked.  Next time you talk to my paralegal, ask her how excited I am.

Client portal?  Check.

As for the other changes in store?  To be continued…