Kids Emergency Action Plan (KEAP™ Your Kids Safe)

Kids Emergency Action PlanThe Kids Emergency Action Plan, (which we also refer to as the KEAP™ Your Kids Safe Plan), is a special package that we put together for our families with minor children and is included in all of our will and trust-based plans.

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The Kids Emergency Action Plan will give you total peace of mind that your children are safe and taken care of should anything ever happen to you and/or your spouse such that neither of you is available to care for and protect your children.

A KEAP™ provides this peace of mind by allowing you to designate trusted emergency guardians for your children in the event something were to happen to you.

How Does a Kids Emergency Action Plan (KEAP™) Help?

A KEAP™ helps your family in a number of ways.

Names Temporary, Emergency Guardians. Most importantly, a KEAP™ it will allow you to legally document and name temporary, emergency guardians who would be available to respond for the benefit of your children in the case of an emergency. We recommend that you choose people who you trust, who know your children well, and whom your children know and love.

Keeps Your Children Out of State Custody. A KEAP™ provides multiple ways to let the police, your babysitters, your teachers and the paramedics know what should happen with your children in the event of an emergency. This will keep your kids our of the custody of the state, including CPS (Child Protective Services) and foster care.

Long-Term Peace of Mind. A KEAP™ will also allow you to name longer term, permanent guardians for your children so that they will be raised by the people you choose, rather than someone chosen by the court.

Block People You Don’t Want to Raise Your Kids. Is there someone in your life whom you absolutely, positively, don’t want raising your kids? Maybe a rogue family member who you disagree with on everything? The KEAP™ has a mechanism for blocking those individuals from raising your kids.

You love your children. Get started with a Kids Emergency Action Plan today and KEAP™ them safe!

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