Divorce Consulting

Divorce Consulting is also typically referred to as the “kitchen table” approach and is appropriate for couples that can talk with one another and reach resolution to many of the issues in their case.  For these couples, who wish to confer with each other on their own and determine their arrangements for separating and divorcing without the direct help of Attorneys or a mediator may engage the Hart Law Firm and another collaborative attorney to provide divorce consulting.

Both spouses and their respective attorneys would sign the collaborative pledge.  The attorneys are available for consultations one-on-one with each spouse to answer questions as they come up in the couple’s discussions.  When the couple has agreed to the terms of their separation, they jointly meet with both attorneys to explain what has been agreed upon.  The attorneys will prepare the legal documentation necessary for a binding Separation Agreement and Property Settlement.  The attorneys also file the necessary court action to obtain a divorce decree.

The services provided by The Hart Law Firm and other collaborative attorney for Divorce Consulting are the same as for the Collaborative Process, except that the attorneys do not provide up to four 2-hour collaborative law sessions.

Divorce consulting is appropriate when the legal issues involved are not complex and the couple is communicating well and with little conflict.

If you would like more information about our Divorce Consulting services, please fill out our contact form or contact our office at (919) 883-4861 to schedule an orientation.