Collaborative Divorce with Kids

Unlike in the traditional litigated divorce process, if you choose to collaborate then you may incorporate the use of a child specialist from the psychology field to help resolve concerns about co-parenting and develop strategies for parenting from two homes.  Unlike lawyers, child psychologists are uniquely situated to offer support and comfort to the children during this stressful time and to provide clarification for the children about the changes occurring in the family.  In addition, they can provide information to parents about how a divorce will impact their children, and assist parents in minimizing the risks and concerns pertaining to their specific children.

In a traditional divorce, Psychologists are used as expert witnesses to perform Custody Evaluations and then provide a written report or testify in court regarding their recommendation about the best custodial arrangement for the children.  The court may or may not adopt the recommendations of the psychologist will order a custody arrangement in conjunction with the findings of the psychologist.

In the collaborative process, however, child development specialists join in the conversations with the parents to assist them in coming to agreement regarding what is best for the children.

If you and your spouse are struggling to make a determination regarding where the children will reside after you separate, or if you can’t reach consensus on various co-parenting issues, then if might be appropriate to engage a collaborative psychologist trained as a child development specialist.

At the Hart Law Firm, we routinely engage the use of child development specialists to assist with these difficult issues.

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