Divorce Forms

Whether you are thinking about a legal separation or even getting divorced, this page contains all of the forms and documents you may need for the process. And if you need some help along the way, you may want to consider our DIY Divorce Solution.

Keep in mind that all of these forms are specific to North Carolina, and many are also county specific. If you live in another state or country, these forms will not apply to you.

North Carolina Civil Summons

Whenever you initiate a lawsuit, you must provide the clerk of court with a civil summons. They will sign it so that it can be served on the Defendant with the rest of the lawsuit. Here is a link to the North Carolina Approved Civil Summons. North Carolina Civil...

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Wake County Local Divorce Forms

This page contains many of the most popular Wake County Divorce Forms. If you live elsewhere in North Carolina, you should visit this website to check on the forms for your specific county. If you need help with any of these documents, whether it be filling them out...

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