I’m just trying to picture the look on my wife’s face if she found out that I went an purchased divorce insurance… it wouldn’t be good, that’s for sure.  But behold, there is now such a thing – insurance that gives you a payout if your marriage fails.  Ironically enough, the product was dreamed up by a North Carolina man who lost his savings when he split from his wife.

The plan costs approximately $16/month for every $1, of coverage, and you have to pay in advance for 4 years before the policy will pay out.  For every year that you stay married after the fourth year, the policy will add an additional $ to the payout, per unit – so if you got divorced after the 5th year, the payout would be $1,500 per unit.

My question is, what if you use marital funds to purchase the policy?  Is the payout a marital asset that must be distributed?  I’m sure the courts will decide that.

If you want more information, you can visit www.WedLockDivorceInsurance.com.