Our Core Values

At The Hart Law Firm, our purpose and vision areCore Values - NC Estate Planning driven by these fundamental core values:

People are our most important resource.  We strive to create a home-away-from-home for our employees, who are a group of smart, playful, fun-loving individuals who believe that teamwork and caring about each other will make our Firm better for everyone. It goes without saying that everyone who comes to work for The Hart Law Firm has a great sense-of-humor, and believes in a client-centered approach above all else. We don’t just hire employees, we are looking to expand our family.

We are forward thinking. Every decision we make, from the software we use to the people we hire, to the clients we choose to work with, is done in a non-traditional manner. We reward outside the box, atypical thinking. We are not your parent’s law firm. We are a non-traditional law firm. Our uniqueness sets us apart from other firms.

We are grounded in 4 strategic pillars. Our pillars are truth, trust, knowledge, and power. Each of these pillars supports and flows into the next. If one were to fall, they would all fall. By remaining truthful to ourselves, our clients, and the public at large, we become more trustworthy and people learn to depend on us as a result. We believe in providing information to the general public which provides additional knowledge about estate planning tools and strategies to both our clients and the employees of our firm. Knowledgeable and informed clients are empowered clients.

We believe in lifelong relationships with our clients. Estate planning is not a transactional business, even though many lawyers treat it that way. When we prepare an estate plan for a client, it is just the beginning of our relationship with that client.

We believe in giving back to our community. We support charitable causes that align with our core values and believe in giving paid time off to employees to volunteer in their communities. We will work with local communities to provide information and pro bono legal services to those who are unable to afford the cost of hiring their own lawyer.