Tomorrow in Asheville, North Carolina, the child support enforcement office is holding an amnesty day for those individuals who have outstanding warrants for their arrest for non-payment of child support, the Asheville Citizen-Times reports.

People who have outstanding warrants are encouraged to come to the child support office to make payments without fear of being arrested.  They may make a payment of 10% of the total amount due, or a full monthly payment, whichever is greater.

Personally, I have mixed emotions about this.  I would hope it would provide incentive for people to come out and pay their support obligations.  However, for those who have no money to pay, they won’t show up.  For those that do have money, they may show up, but my experience with some people is that they need to be locked up and given a purge amount to come up with any cash.  It is amazing to me how much money people can rustle up to get out of jail.

Would love to hear my readers comments on this.