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Thank you for subscribing to our Email List! Many e-mail and Internet companies are now using programs to block unwanted e-mail, often called spam. Sometimes, however, these programs even block e-mail that you want to get. To Ensure You Are Receiving Our Emails You Will Need To Take The Following Steps: Be sure to add the corresponding JamesHartLaw email addresses to your email white list to ensure the best chance of receiving our content and updates. A whitelist is a list of accepted items or persons in a set… a list of e-mail addresses or domain names from which an e-mail blocking program […]

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estate planning lawyer in cary nc

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been practicing law now for over 12 years. When I first opened my law practice in 2005, I did so because I wanted to help individual clients and become a the lawyer they turn to whenever they have a problem. Even if I couldn’t help them, I knew that by creating relationships with other lawyers in the community I would be able to help them find the right lawyer or resource for their situation. Over time, I began to focus my law practice on helping my clients to peacefully and collaboratively end their marriage. […]

Flat fees vs. Hourly Billing in Divorce (and the pros and cons of each)

Flat fees vs. Hourly Billing in Divorce (and the pros and cons of each)

I know there are several divorce law firms in my market do only hourly billing for their clients. I know that there are many more that do only hourly billing. And then there are a few, (mine included), which take a hybrid approach and do a little bit of each. Flat fees vs hourly billing is a debate that is not going away anytime soon.  Here is an article from an attorney who employs a billing scheme similar to mine, but for different reasons.  And here is another article from a lawyer in California who seems to have embraced flat fees […]

The Best Legal Advice I Ever Gave a Divorce Client

The Best Legal Advice I Ever Gave a Divorce Client

Here is a quick summary of the best legal advice I give for someone thinking about divorce.  I meet with a lot of people to talk about ways to end their marriage.  A lot of people will subsequently hire me to help them end their marriage.  Many of these people have lots of questions, such as: who should move out, how much support will I get/have to pay, I want to keep the house – how can I do that, etc.  I often ask the people who meet with me how much they want to get divorced on a scale […]

Healthcare Exchanges are open – How will this affect your divorce?

It’s official. The government might be shutdown, but the healthcare exchanges are open for business.  Here is some information to answer all your questions about the exchanges and what if might mean for you if you are considering divorce. One of the biggest concerns of couples facing a divorce in North Carolina is what they are going to do about their health insurance? If they have been covered by their spouse’s plan for years, there is immediate concern and worry about what will happen to them after the divorce is final. Until the opening of these healthcare exchanges, the only […]

Divorce and the family business in North Carolina

Aside from the marital home and retirement accounts, the family business can be one of the largest investments that must be divided in a divorce case. If you and your spouse are both working for the business, things can get especially tricky. In researching this blog post, I came across several articles on the issue of how to divide up a family business in divorce, here, here and here… I also came across an article by a close friend and fellow North Carolina divorce lawyer, Angela McIlveen.  (If you are in Charlotte, she’s the one to call). If you have […]

5 things to do before you start the process of getting a divorce

No bones about it, getting a divorce is a big deal.  A really big deal.  It’s one of those traumatic life events that’s right up there with death of a loved one, contracting a terminal disease, loss of a job, getting arrested… you get the idea.  It’s a decision that must be taken very seriously.  Here are a couple of things that I recommend all my clients do before making that final decision to get divorced: Seek a marriage counselor or therapist.  I’m amazed by how many clients come in to meet with me and tell me that they have […]

A Sincere Apology… I’ve been lazy

I feel the need to send an apology to my readers and come clean. I’ve been lazy.  I just checked my website/blog and realized that I haven’t posted since last July.  That’s unacceptable and just shouldn’t happen.  Not that I should use my infant daughter as an excuse, but… There have been lots of developments in North Carolina Divorce and Family Law news, and you certainly have a right to know about them! Here are several things that I should have been blogging about… This article from Forbes explains why it can be helpful to find a good tax accountant […]

What makes a Happy Marriage?

Evidently, the key to a happy marriage is to be a bit selfish.  So says a recent article in the New York Times entitled “The Happy Marriage is the ‘Me’ Marriage.”  According to the author, couples in lasting marriages are effective at communicating what they want to their spouse and by doing so are able to derive personal satisfaction from the marriage. Here are some some questions (taken from the Sustainable Marriage Quiz) to ask to determine whether you are in a “happy” marriage: How much has being with your partner resulted in your learning new things? How much has […]