Why a divorce assessment is such a great idea

Since 2005, when I first began offering my divorce assessment, I’ve received lots of positive feedback from those that have taken advantage of this valuable resource – and it always makes me feel good, and reinforces why I offer this service. I’ve had other attorneys and friends tell me that I should limit the time […]

Additional Collaborative Divorce Lawyers I recommend

From time to time I meet with other Collaborative Divorce Attorneys that I recommend.  Why do I recommend my competition you might ask?  Because for starters – what goes around comes around.  Second, collaborative divorce is a new and emerging practice area, and frankly, there aren’t that many of us out there.  In order for […]

More Wake County Lawyers I recommend

Loyal readers of my blog know that from time to time I recommend other lawyers for the good job they do, and because their vision of their practice is in line with mine.  Today I would like to recommend two lawyers that I know well, and have every reason to believe will provide excellent service […]

Why a Collaborative Divorce is right for you… and me.

One of the reasons many lawyers get a bad rap is the sense that they can’t be trusted.  You may think they are being nice to you, perhaps even showing some interest in you, but when you turn around they proceed to stab you in the back. I’ll freely admit that I have been burned […]

Another Family Law Attorney I like

Earlier this week, I blogged about some other attorneys that I like and would recommend to clients and others who may be following this website.  Today I’d like to toot the horn of another divorce attorney in Raleigh.  Lawyers don’t generally give free publicity to their competition, but I don’t really consider this attorney – […]

Other Cary Lawyers I recommend

As a Cary Divorce Attorney, I consider myself a valuable resource for my clients.  This means that not only should I be able to counsel them on their particular case and the law as it applies to them, but I should also be able to spot other potential issues and refer them to other attorneys […]