Famous Divorces in the News

A Sincere Apology… I’ve been lazy

I feel the need to send an apology to my readers and come clean. I’ve been lazy.  I just checked my website/blog and realized that I haven’t posted since last July.  That’s unacceptable and just shouldn’t happen.  Not that I should use my infant daughter as an excuse, but… There have been lots of developments in North Carolina Divorce and Family Law news, and you certainly have a right to know about them! Here are several things that I should have been blogging about… This article from Forbes explains why it can be helpful to find a good tax accountant […]

Why Collaborative Divorce Works

One of my biggest pet-peeves is when another lawyer tells me that Collaborative Divorce won’t work. Don’t tell that to Cat J. Zavis.  Cat presented a seminar that I attended this past week on how Non-Violent Communication can help resolve Family Law Cases, including Collaborative Divorces. The seminar was organized by Mark Springfield, a fellow Collaborative Divorce Lawyer and colleague of mine at Separating Together in Raleigh. I can certainly understand how most lawyers that haven’t been trained in collaborative law would be skeptical that a process that doesn’t have a judicial decision hanging over the heads of the parties […]

Texas says that Gay couples can’t divorce… Huh?

A Texas Court of Appeals has ruled that District Court Judge Tena Callahan had no jurisdiction to divorce  a gay couple that was legally married in Massachusetts in 2006. I will put aside the legal argument that this is a clear violation of the equal protection clause for a second, and just reflect on the fact that what the court has done is effectively forced to gay couple to stay married, hasn’t it? I could carry on with my personal opinion on this for days and days, but I doubt I would change anyone’s mind, as most folks are clearly […]

Is Divorce Contagious?

If you get divorced, does that mean that someone else in your social network is likely to split from their spouse?  Not only did Al and Tipper Gore call it quits recently, but their eldest daughter, Karenna Gore Schiff, announced Wednesday that she is separating from her husband after 13 years of marriage and her younger sister Kristin Gore filed for divorce from Paul Cusack a year ago.  A recent study by James H. Fowler, a professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego, says that this might not be a mere coincidence. In his study, Fowler […]

Al Gore and Tipper to Separate after 40 years

Al Gore and Tipper to Separate after 40 years

This week Al and Tipper Gore made a shocking announcement – they were splitting up after 40 years of marriage.  This is particularly shocking because of the length of the marriage.  According to this article on CNN.com, most couples seek a divorce during the first two years of marriage when the “honeymoon period” ends, at the 5-7 year mark when kids enter the equation, or after the kids leave home.  It is rare for couples to divorce after 30 or 40 years of marriage – there is just too much time vested in the marriage. What I found interesting about […]

Tiger and Elin to Divorce?

Tiger and Elin to Divorce?

Coming as no surprise to anyone, it appears that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are definitely heading for divorce.  The Huffington Post today reported that a divorce is “100% happening.” I for one am surprised that this didn’t happen earlier.  It is so difficult for celebrities to stay together because they are always in the public spotlight and highly scrutinized.  The fact that Tiger has admitted to having multiple affairs just puts that much more strain on a marriage.  One isolated incident – I get that.  He is one of the most recognized athletes in the world, travels for weeks […]