Domestic Violence

Be careful when and how you tell your spouse that you are leaving them

Be careful when and how you tell your spouse that you are leaving them

For some people, one of the hardest parts of divorce is telling your spouse that the marriage is over. I get people asking me about this all the time – how should they do it, when should they do it, is there a better and worse way to do this… Unfortunately, this is just one of the questions that I am unable to answer. I wish that there was a simple answer, and for some people, the decision is a mutual one. For me, those are the best cases because they typically lead to collaborative matters, which I really enjoy […]

Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

Earlier this week, a woman in Johnston County and her 14 year old son were shot and killed by her estranged husband, who then shot and killed himself. Ironically, according to the story from the Raleigh News & Observer, Devinee House was at the final stages of completing her divorce the night the shooting occurred.  Her attorney, Bob Spence, said that when she came to see him on Monday, she was in a good mood and happy that their divorce paperwork was almost complete. This sad and tragic event underscores the importance of recognizing the warning signs of possible domestic […]

Why I don’t accept all clients who call me…

There are many attorneys who practice what I call “threshold law” – which means that they will accept any and all clients that come to see them.  I am not one of those attorneys.  I have seen these attorneys practice law – they miss deadlines and court appearances, are often unprepared for meetings, fail to return phone calls, and seem to have the bar on their tail quite a bit.  Not only that, but they open themselves up to potential malpractice claims. Throughout the years, I have intentionally limited the number of clients I will accept at any given time.  […]

When to File for a Domestic Violence Protective Order

Lately, I’ve had a number of people ask me whether they should file for, or if I could help them file, a Complaint for a Domestic Violence Protective Order.  I take these complaints very seriously.  On the one hand, if there is domestic violence – you absolutely should file for a protective order.  I have seen or read about too many cases where women (sorry guys, women are normally the victims) are seriously injured, or even killed in situations where they should have contacted police or filed for a protective order.  Many women are scared of potential repurcussions or retaliation […]