Should you get divorced before the end of 2013?

If you are just starting to think about getting divorced, and you live North Carolina, then you are pretty much out of luck to get divorced in 2013, or 2014 either for that matter. The process to get divorced in North Carolina is a long one, and starts with getting separated from your spouse. Once […]

Divorce can be a time to reinvent yourself

Maybe you are going through a divorce right now, or maybe you are just thinking about it. There are lots of things about divorce that really stink. When looked at in comparison to life’s major stressors, such as death of a loved one, losing a job, bankruptcy, etc., divorce is right up there at the […]

Healthcare Exchanges are open – How will this affect your divorce?

It’s official. The government might be shutdown, but the healthcare exchanges are open for business.  Here is some information to answer all your questions about the exchanges and what if might mean for you if you are considering divorce. One of the biggest concerns of couples facing a divorce in North Carolina is what they […]

Divorce and the family business in North Carolina

Aside from the marital home and retirement accounts, the family business can be one of the largest investments that must be divided in a divorce case. If you and your spouse are both working for the business, things can get especially tricky. In researching this blog post, I came across several articles on the issue […]

What it really means to get divorced

Having practiced family law (i.e. divorcing people) as long as I have, sometimes it gets easy to forget that my clients are real people with real lives and real emotions.  I think that is dangerous.  Every once and awhile, a client comes along that reminds me what it actually “means” to get divorced. I had […]

NC Divorce Papers – Who should file first?

The question of who should “file” NC divorce papers first depends in large part on your unique personal situation and what is meant by “filing” legal paperwork. In North Carolina, when we refer to “filing for divorce”, you could be referring to filing for the absolute divorce, or filing for any of the other legal […]

What should I bring to my Divorce Assessment?

Everytime I talk to a potential new divorce client on the phone I get asked about what the client needs to do to prepare for their meeting with me.  My answer for almost ten years has been pretty much the same: “The last thing I want to do is add more stress to your life […]

In complex equitable distribution cases, who wins?

My answer is going to surprise you – it’s not necessarily who you would think.  Here are some possible answers: The person represented by the better lawyer?  (whatever that means) The person who spends the most money on legal fees? The more sympathetic spouse? The person whose lawyer is best friends with the judge? No, […]