Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer For Your Family Law Case

Why Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Earlier this week, I posted a video on why you should hire a divorce lawyer. This fell on the heels of a post I did last week that gave 5 reasons to hire a divorce lawyer for your case. In case you missed it, here is the video and transcript. Why Should You Hire a […]

Don’t Make This Huge Mistake Before Finalizing Your North Carolina Divorce

Divorce Mistakes in Cary, North Carolina

It is so important that you properly preserve your rights to spousal support and equitable distribution (specifically dividing up retirement accounts) BEFORE you finalize your divorce in North Carolina. That’s because in our state, the courts don’t look to see whether you have divided up your property or made arrangements for alimony before the divorce […]

How to File for Divorce in Cary, North Carolina

Transcript, “How to File for Divorce in Cary, North Carolina” Hey there, Jim Hart here from the Hart Law Firm. I am a divorce and family law attorney here in Cary, North Carolina, and today I want to talk to you about how to file for divorce. In North Carolina, the process of filing for […]

Why Can’t a Lawyer Represent Both Spouses in an Uncontested Divorce?

Today I shot a quick video to review why I can’t represent both spouses in a divorce situation – even if it is uncontested. Hey? Jim Hart here. I hope you’re doing well today from The Hart Law Firm. I thought I would do a quick video today this morning. I’m about to head out […]

Introducing Unbundled Legal Services for Family Law Clients

unbundled legal services family law

The Hart Law Firm is proud to introduce Unbundled Legal Services for our Family Law clients. Since we first opened our law practice back in 2005, our primary goal has always been to develop close and personal relationships with all of our clients. During the past few years, our practice has seen a lot of […]

3 Common Mistakes People Make when Filing their own Divorce

Divorce Mistakes

There are a ton of divorce mistakes that I often see people make when they file their own divorce. When I was preparing to write this post, I did a brainstorm and could find no fewer than 10 major mistakes – any one of which could doom your divorce, cause you major legal/financial trouble, or […]