How We Are Handling the Coronavirus at The Hart Law Firm

UPDATED: March 16, 2020 With the rapidly changing challenges brought about by the threat of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we want you to know what steps we are taking to ensure that our clients and our team are protected. As of today, we will continue to operate on as “normal” of a schedule as possible. All […]

How to Hide Money from Your Spouse

how to hide money from your spouse

You may be thinking that this article is all about how to hide money from your spouse – and it is, but not for the reasons you may be thinking. If you are happily married and have decided to hide money from your spouse as a technique to save more money or protect your marital […]

Our 5-Step Divorce Process for Handling Family Law Matters

5 step divorce process

Stop me if you have heard this before. With many divorce lawyers, when you are ready to proceed you will schedule the initial consultation. During that meeting, the lawyer will ask you a lot of legal questions about your situation. At the end of the meeting, they will tell you that to move forward with […]

How to Prepare for Your Initial Meeting with a Divorce Lawyer

initial divorce consultation

You’re worried, scared, nervous, anxious and generally speaking, not sure what to expect. You’ve never met with a lawyer before, much less a divorce lawyer. So our first piece of advice is to try to relax. Take some deep breaths. This is going to be ok. How to Prepare for Your Initial Consultation First things […]

Thinking About a Divorce in North Carolina? Start Here…

divorce in north carolina

Making the decision to pursue a divorce in North Carolina (or any other state for that matter) is no small undertaking. And while there are lots of legal considerations that you may need to be aware of, there are many practical considerations as well. Here are just a few of the questions that we frequently […]

Do You Need a Divorce Coach?

divorce coach

When considering a divorce, most people think that they will need a lawyer, and some seek out the help of a therapist. But did you know that there is also a professional, called a certified divorce coach, that can help you through the process? A divorce coach is not a lawyer or a therapist, but […]