My spouse has committed adultery 4 times and i have it on a permission given tape recording. She acknowledges she put my children at risk, and chose him over everyone. She has lied to me for 10 months giving multiple stories, increasing my distress. Please help. I want a divorce bad enough I will move.

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You cannot get a divorce in NC unless you have been separated for at least a year - However, you can begin negotiating with your wife and/or her attorney to try and resolve other issues, including custody, child support, and property/debt distribution.

Regarding your wish to move to another state - I would not recommend it. Although you may be able to get a divorce sooner (in FL you could file for divorce in 6 months), the out of state court would have no jurisdiction to settle any of the issues listed above unless your spouse moved with you with the kids. And I certainly would not recommend you taking the kids out of state without their mother's permission. Best to stay in NC and wait it out.