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Divorce is a scary time. You’re nervous, worried, or anxious about how you will cope. You are worried about where you will live, how you will manage financially, and how you will tell your children.

You want things to stay amicable. You have the best intentions. But you are also nervous about what your spouse will do, or not do.

Maybe you and your spouse are on speaking terms. It was difficult for you to sit in your therapist’s office and talk about the end of your marriage. Some of you may have been the initiators and you just want out. For others, you would never have wanted this in a million years and you will fight like hell to keep your marriage together.

No matter what your situation. No matter where you are emotionally right now, we are here to help.

The Hart Law Firm was founded by Cary Divorce Attorney James Hart in 2005. Back then we started our firm with one goal in mind – to build lasting relationships with all of our clients, one client at a time.

Building relationships has been our single biggest objective since day one, and it has shaped the type of firm we have built and continue to build.

Our goal is not to push you into something you don’t want to do. Many clients come to us because they DON’T want a divorce, and they need us to show them how to work on their marriage, or let them know what a divorce looks like from a legal standpoint if they can’t.

We can’t walk in your shoes. We don’t live with your spouse. We don’t know what it is like to parent your children.

As a result, we can’t counsel you on whether or not you should separate and divorce.

You may be surprised to hear that many couples find separation to be therapeutic, and willingly go back to their spouse after their short-term lease runs out. For others, separation is the beginning of the end.

Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum of the divorce process, there are significant legal rights and responsibilities that you must be aware of and plan for if you are going to travel down this road. Some of the common issues and concerns we help our clients to deal with include:

  • How to pay for two households when only one spouse is working?
  • What to do with the marital home?
  • Calculating a proper amount of child support, should it be necessary.
  • How to talk to your children about why Mommy and Daddy aren’t living together anymore?
  • Dividing up small businesses and other assets.
  • Negotiating an appropriate amount of alimony for the proper length of time.
  • Managing high-conflict cases where there has been adultery.

We would like to believe that we are different than other attorneys you may have come across – from your first assessment in our office, through the conclusion of your case, you will find that we are not your ordinary law firm.

For starters, we do not offer a traditional “initial consultation” which you are used to seeing at other divorce firms.  My guess (which is probably pretty accurate since I know a lot of attorneys that do things this way) is that at these meetings, you meet with an attorney anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, possibly more.  If you run over the first hour, you will pay for that time at the lawyer’s normal hourly rate.  You may spend some time meeting with a paralegal, rather than an attorney.  At the conclusion of the “consultation”, you are told how much it will cost to retain the attorney – should you choose to hire them.

I have tried to look at this system from the client’s perspective, and have come up with a different system that gives the client everything they want (including information, resources and reassurance), for a set price.  The result is what I call a Divorce Assessment – and it is different than anything you will see at the other law firms.

Years ago, we used to require that every potential client meet with us in person in an assessment before we would agree to represent you. However, times have changed, and so have we. We’ve loosened our standards somewhat and from time to time will agree to work with a client without requiring a full-blown assessment – but these exceptions are rare.

We have a set of six core values that have shaped who we are and where our firm will go in the future.

The Core Values of The Hart Law Firm

  1. We are NEVER SATISFIED and are constantly looking to MAKE THINGS BETTER.
  2. We are COMPASSIONATE and KIND to everyone we meet.
  3. We take PRIDE IN OUR WORK.
  4. We deliver a WOW EXPERIENCE to our clients.
  5. We believe in TEAM FIRST.
  6. We use CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY to deliver amazing RESULTS.

And finally, our last but most important core value…


When we say “No Jerks Allowed”, we mean it. That goes for clients, staff and attorneys. If we agree to represent you and later find out that you are a slimeball, we will not hesitate to fire you as a client.

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James Hart

James Hart