About Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney James Hart

Since 2005, elder law attorney James Hart has been working with clients to navigate through the process of ending their marriage. And although Jim knew that the work he did was making a difference in the lives of his individual clients, he also saw how difficult the divorce process was for the families as a whole – especially when there were children involved.

It took a long time to understand this (12 years!), but Jim finally realized in early 2016 that he was spending the bulk of his time breaking families apart, rather than building them up. And as a child of divorce himself, Jim knows first hand how terribly hard divorce can be on families and small children alike.

Then Jim’s mom passed away in January of 2016, and his perspective started to shift. He started to look for a new way to help his families in a positive and uplifting way.

Jim wanted to help his clients build a lasting legacy for their families, a legacy that would stand the test of time.

An Elder Law Firm was Born…

After going through the probate process with his own mother, Jim realized that the traditional way of doing estate planning wasn’t working. And it wasn’t until the client either became incapacitated or passed away that the family would realize that the plan that had been prepared many years before was woefully inadequate.

The Hart Law Firm is here to offer a fresh perspective on estate planning to residents of Triangle.

And because Jim is looking at this practice area with a fresh set of eyes, and 12 years of legal experience, he is able to create an experience for his clients that is truly unique and exceptional.

At The Hart Law Firm, we are not just here to draft documents for our clients. Jim doesn’t believe that estate planning should be treated as a one-off transaction. The estate planning process is the beginning of a lifelong relationship between Jim and his clients.

“We don’t sell estate plans, we provide peace of mind. When it comes time for you to walk out on life, your estate plan will walk into your life to make sure your loved ones are protected.”

A Different Kind of Estate Planning Lawyer

At The Hart Law Firm, we are different. We treat clients like family and get to know them over many years of service. And while we realize that may sound hokey, we honestly believe it.

Here are three things that make The Hart Law Firm different from the other estate planning law firms in Cary, North Carolina:

#1 No hourly fees. When you work with most estate planning lawyers, you will be charged by the hour. And even if they charge you a flat fee initially, you may be surprised to find that they will charge you an hourly fee if any changes are necessary to the plan. Not at The Hart Law Firm. Here, you will know, in advance, what the fees are and what you can expect in return. No surprises.

And not only that, but we will let you make any changes to your plan for up to 90 days after you sign your documents, free of charge. So if you change your mind on something after you have already signed the documents, we’ll fix it for you, no questions asked.

#2 A big dose of technology. As a small law firm, we rely heavily on technology to communicate with our clients, 24/7. So not only will you have access to all of your documents through a secure online portal to review anytime you wish, but we also use an online automated scheduling service so that you can schedule a call with us anytime you would like.

#3 An intense focus on the client relationship. We’re not just here to draft your documents and wish you well. We are honestly invested in your long-term success, both personally and professionally. As such, we offer monthly membership programs to make sure that your plan is always up to date and congruent with everything else going on in your life.

Want to learn more? Feel free to give us a call at (919) 883-4861 to set up your initial wealth planning session, or fill our online contact form and a member of our office will return your call as soon as possible.

Feeling Techy? You can use our scheduling link to set up a free 15-minute call with estate planning attorney James Hart to discuss your goals and see whether we might be able to help you.

At The Hart Family Law Firm, we are different from other attorneys you may have come across – from your first meeting with an attorney, through the conclusion of your case, you will find that we are not your ordinary law firm.

We look forward to working with you.

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