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   1.  13 Threats that Jeopardize Your Families’ Wealth
   2.  5 Benefits of a Trust-Based Estate Plan
   3.  5 Must Have Documents for Your Estate Plan
   4.  5 Reasons You Might Not Need a Living Will
   5.  5 Things You Must Do if You or a Loved One Has Been Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Disease
   6.  9 Reasons You Should Update Your Estate Plan
   7.  A Day of Remembrance
   8.  A True Gift for Your Family… The Legacy Conversation
   9.  Accidental Disinheritance: Why it is So Important to Update Your Estate Plan Every Year
   10.  Avoiding Probate in NC… 4 Ways to Keep Your Assets Out of the Courts (Without Using a Trust)
   11.  Can You Disinherit Your Spouse?
   12.  Cary Estate Planning Attorney James Hart is Available for Speaking Engagements in the Community
   13.  Choosing a Guardian for Your Children… What You Need to Know
   14.  Create an Estate Plan in North Carolina in 14 Simple Steps
   15.  Do You Need a Probate Attorney in North Carolina?
   16.  Do You Need Asset Protection Planning?
   17.  Do You Really Need a Lawyer to Draft a Will… The Truth Behind DIY Wills
   18.  Don’t Ever Take Your Life for Granted
   19.  Don’t Forget to Include Your Pet in Your Estate Plan
   20.  Don’t Want to Marry? You Still Need an Estate Plan
   21.  Donald Trump and the Fiduciary Duty Rule… What You Need to Know
   22.  Estate Planning and Your North Carolina Divorce… What You Need to Know
   23.  Estate Planning Basics: Coordinating Beneficiary Designations
   24.  Estate Planning for the Sandwich Generation… What You Need to Know
   25.  Estate Taxes in North Carolina – Should You Worry?
   26.  Free Seminar: How to Pay for Nursing Home Care Without Going Broke
   27.  Getting Divorced? Don’t Forget to Update Your Healthcare Power of Attorney
   28.  Getting Divorced? Why You Should Update Your Beneficiary Designations
   29.  Getting Excited about Tomorrow’s Seminar!
   30.  Going to the Beach this Summer? Watch Your Kids
   31.  Have You Created a North Carolina Will? An Overview of What You Need to Know
   32.  How a Spare Tire Is Like Your Estate Plan
   33.  How Can a Step Up in Basis Help Your Estate Plan
   34.  How Much Can You Gift Someone in One Year?
   35.  How Often Should You Review or Update Your Estate Plan? (Video Blog)
   36.  How to Choose a Guardian for Your Children
   37.  How to Pay for Nursing Home Care in North Carolina Without Going Broke
   38.  How to Prepare an Estate Plan for a Child Who Has “Issues”
   39.  Last Minute Tax Tips to Reduce Your 2016 Tax Bill
   40.  Legal Issues Surrounding Aaron Hernandez’s Estate
   41.  Life Insurance and Estate Planning… Like Peanut Butter and Jelly
   42.  Medicaid Crisis Planning: A Case Study
   43.  North Carolina Estate Planning Do’s and Don’ts
   44.  Nursing Home Medicaid Planning
   45.  Personal Representative vs. Executor – What’s the Deal?
   46.  Spotlight on Skilled Nursing Facilities: The Oaks at Whitaker Glen – Mayview
   47.  Spotlight on Skilled Nursing: Pettigrew Rehabilitation Center
   48.  Spotlight on Skilled Nursing: Tower Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
   49.  The Beginner’s Guide to Estate Planning for Young Families in Cary, NC
   50.  The Importance of Planning this Holiday Season
   51.  The Power of Organ Donation – How UNC Senior Jason Ray saved the Lives of 4 People
   52.  The Problems with Joint Ownership as an Estate Planning Tool
   53.  The Simple Guide to Using Trusts in Estate Planning
   54.  The Top Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Estate Planning Attorney
   55.  The What, Why and How of Estate Planning in North Carolina
   56.  Things to Consider When Funding Your Trust With Real Estate
   57.  Today is National Healthcare Decisions Day… Are You Covered?
   58.  Using a Standalone Retirement Trust to Create a Retirement Plan for Your Kids
   59.  Using Transfer on Death (TOD) Clauses to Avoid Probate in North Carolina
   60.  What a Donald Trump Presidency Will Look Like for Families
   61.  What Happens If You Die Without a Will?
   62.  What Happens If You Die Without an Estate Plan?
   63.  What is a Power of Attorney and Why is it so Important?
   64.  What is a Power of Attorney in North Carolina?
   65.  What is a Trust and Why Do I need one for Estate Planning?
   66.  What is a Wealth Planning Session and How it Will Benefit You?
   67.  What is an Elder Law Attorney and How Can They Help You?
   68.  What is Included With a Typical Estate Plan?
   69.  What is Medicaid Planning?
   70.  What is the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid
   71.  What is the Gift Tax in NC?
   72.  What should you look for in your Estate Planning Lawyer
   73.  What the Cavs Game 3 Loss Can Teach Us about Estate Planning
   74.  What to Do if a Loved One is Indicted… How Estate Planning Can Help
   75.  Why Donald Trump’s Revocable Living Trust Doesn’t Mean Squat
   76.  Why Estate Planning is so Important to Me, and Why It Should Be Important to YOU too
   77.  Why Spend Down Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Spend Down” for Medicaid Purposes
   78.  Why Updating Beneficiary Designations Does NOT Count as Estate Planning
   79.  Why using the Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney is a Bad Idea in North Carolina
   80.  You Just Found Out You Have a Terminal Illness… Now What?

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