"Most estate planning law firms prepare documents... We create relationships." 
- Jim Hart, Founding Attorney
The Hidden Danger Facing Your Children and 10 Steps Every Parent Must Immediately Take for Absolute Peace of Mind
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The Hidden Danger Facing Your Children and 10 Steps Every Parent Must Immediately Take for Absolute Peace of Mind
What this book will teach you
The Number One biggest danger that 99% of parents face with their children on a daily basis, and most don't even realize it. This Free Report will expose that danger and show you what you need to do, immediately, to stop worrying and keep your family safe.
The 5 Most Important Tips:
  • Why leaving your cell phone and one emergency contact with your children's caregiver is just not good enough.
  • How to keep important decisions regarding your children out of the court system
  • How to protect your children from their guardians AND themselves if you die before they become adults
  • The number one single biggest mistake people make with their life insurance and retirement plans
  • 10 Steps that you can take, starting today, to take back control over the future of your spouse and children should anything ever happen to you
This is the report I wish I knew about when I first had kids... 
About The Author
James Hart, Esq.
Estate Planning Attorney in Cary, NC

Jim Hart is a trust and estate attorney in Cary, North Carolina. He focuses his practice on building relationships with his clients through and effective and easy to understand planning process. 

Jim is a devoted Husband and father to three young children, ages 6, 4, and 2. He understands what it means to be a parent with young children which is why he focuses his practice on helping young families.
Jim and his wife moved to North Carolina in 2009 after practicing for several years in Orlando. Jim is licensed to practice law in both North Carolina and Florida.
What Others say about James Hart, the lawyer
  • He is also a very genuine person and cares what your going through. I definitely would recommend.
  • I found Mr. Hart to be extremely helpful. He spent a lot of time with me, and laid out a plan that I both understood, and gave me options.
  • He listened to my situation and commented on what I was doing well and also on some areas that I could improve on. By the end of our session, I felt very comfortable and am still happy with my decision to see Mr. Hart. 
  • He treated me like a person who actually cared and not just a paying client. He took a very long time to get to know me and my situation. He truly has a heart for what he does. 
  • Jim was easy to approach, listened intently and with concern. He informed me of things I had not thought of and helped me sort out issues that were complex. He has helped me understand what is in my best interest.