Marital Home

What should you bring to your meeting with a Divorce Lawyer?

I often get asked about what documents or other information my clients should bring with them to their initial assessment with my office.  Some lawyers will tell their clients to bring “anything you thing would be helpful to help me understand your case,” although that is a pretty general statement, and doesn’t help the client. Here is a list that can act as a starting point for you to gather information for the first meeting: Tax Returns are an essential element of Divorce Planning – Not only do they show how much money you and your spouse make, but they […]

Problems refinancing the marital home?

One issue that I see come up again and again in divorce cases is that of the marital home – who should get it, and how to relieve the other party of the mortgage (in NC they are called Deeds of Trust) that is associated with it.  North Carolina has some extremely bank-friendly foreclosure statutes, so it is vitally important to both spouses that the issue of how to refinance the mortgage get resolved quickly and preferably before the separation agreement is signed. However, we live in the real world here, which means that people are eager to move out, […]