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What should you bring to your meeting with a Divorce Lawyer?

I often get asked about what documents or other information my clients should bring with them to their initial assessment with my office.  Some lawyers will tell their clients to bring “anything you thing would be helpful to help me understand your case,” although that is a pretty general statement, and doesn’t help the client. Here is a list that can act as a starting point for you to gather information for the first meeting: Tax Returns are an essential element of Divorce Planning – Not only do they show how much money you and your spouse make, but they […]

Al Gore and Tipper to Separate after 40 years

Al Gore and Tipper to Separate after 40 years

This week Al and Tipper Gore made a shocking announcement – they were splitting up after 40 years of marriage.  This is particularly shocking because of the length of the marriage.  According to this article on, most couples seek a divorce during the first two years of marriage when the “honeymoon period” ends, at the 5-7 year mark when kids enter the equation, or after the kids leave home.  It is rare for couples to divorce after 30 or 40 years of marriage – there is just too much time vested in the marriage. What I found interesting about […]

What about the Health Insurance?

A common problem in many divorce cases, especially where only one spouse is employed, is the issue of health insurance.  In Florida, as soon as a Divorce Petition is filed, neither spouse is allowed to remove the other from their health insurance policy.  However, in North Carolina, there is no such limitation.  This poses a serious dilemma for the dependent spouse who can no longer work or find a job with group health benefits.  (I posted previously about how the new Health Insurance Bill will help these folks.) So what do you do if you are faced with the prospect […]