Bankruptcy and Divorce… When to file?

One of the number one reasons that people divorce is because of financial problems.  And financial problems, all too often, can lead to bankruptcy. So if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, the question becomes, do you file before or after the divorce? Florida Bankruptcy Attorney Monica Shepard wrote a great article on the topic of Bankruptcy and Divorce, which advocated for pre-divorce bankruptcy filings. Her rationale for filing a joint bankruptcy pre-divorce include: It will be easier to divide the debt and property because these issues will have been addressed in the bankruptcy You only have to pay to […]

Bankruptcy and Divorce – Thoughts to Consider

It’s no secret that one of the biggest things that couples fight about is money.  And in these tough economic times, it doesn’t take a whole lot to push a couple over the edge… from a financial standpoint.  In certain situations, bankruptcy may be a viable option for you.  If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, whether you do it before or after you separate from your spouse can have a major impact on your legal options. Filing before you separate can have some benefits.  First, if you decide to pursue a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the process takes about 100 […]

Other Cary Lawyers I recommend

As a Cary Divorce Attorney, I consider myself a valuable resource for my clients.  This means that not only should I be able to counsel them on their particular case and the law as it applies to them, but I should also be able to spot other potential issues and refer them to other attorneys who may be in a better position to help them.  In order to stay current on the legal market in Cary, I frequently meet with other attorneys and professionals who may also be able to assist my clients. During the past two days, I have […]

Consumer Bankruptcy Guide

I don’t do any bankruptcy work, but I know plenty of other attorneys that do.  Unfortunately, bankruptcy sometimes comes hand in hand with a divorce case – so I am often making referrals to these attorneys. I recently came across a really well done guide entitled “The Consumer’s Guide to Ending Debt Collection Harassment”, by New York Bankruptcy Attorney Jay Fleischman.  If you are being harassed by bill collectors, this might be a good place to start.